Mark Olsen

Mark Olsen has taught at Gladstone High School for fifteen years.  He teaches English and AP Literature and was formerly the Chair of the English Department. Mr. Olsen initiated the AP Program at Gladstone and developed the district AP Program in English for the Azusa Unified School District.  He serves on the committee to develop […]

Katherine Heiger

Katy Heiger taught at Edison High School for many years, including classes in AP Biology, Zoology, Biology, and GATE classes.  In addition, Ms. Heiger was an adjunct professor at California State University, Fresno. Ms. Heiger graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters in Organizational Systems (biology and Social Science) from the […]

Brad Dolan

Brad Dolan teaches Math, Geometry, and SAT preparation classes, as well as being a teacher in the AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) and MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) programs.  He has been teaching since 1964 and has been at Azusa High School for 13 years.  Before coming to Azusa, he taught at the local Jr. […]

Clifford C. Corigliano, Sr.

Cliff Corigliano has been teaching at San Bernardino High School since 1987.  He has also been an adjunct professor at San Bernardino Valley College since 1999.  Prior to that he lived in New York and New Jersey, where he was also a teacher and principal.  He currently teaches Honors Science courses,AP Biology, and AP Psychology. […]

Martin Brandt​

Martin Brandt teaches sophomore and junior English at all levels.  He has taught at Independence for eleven of his twelve years as a teacher. Mr. Brandt has taught all four high school grades and his classes have ranged from remedial courses to Honors. He is a member of the school’s Literacy Cadre and has been […]

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