Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Brad Dolan

Brad Dolan

Retired from Azusa High School; Azusa, CA

Brad Dolan teaches Math, Geometry, and SAT preparation classes, as well as being a teacher in the AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) and MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) programs.  He has been teaching since 1964 and has been at Azusa High School for 13 years.  Before coming to Azusa, he taught at the local Jr. High and spent 3-4 years teaching at an elementary school.

Mr. Dolan has a degree in Psychology and is a graduate of UCLA.  He continues his education with AP Training, AVID training, and SB395 CLAD training.  While not
officially on school committees, he acts as an advisor to many.  He was on the Textbook Selection Committee for the school and district, and is also on the Committee for Curriculum Alignment for Geometry.
Mr. Dolan created a math class for “at-risk” students and an SAT preparation class that he began at his own expense.  Since then, the school’s average SAT scores have increased 100-150 points.

Mr. Dolan works 12-13 hour days at the school and goes to students’ homes and workplaces, if necessary, to help them.  He firmly believes that every child who wants to go to college should have the opportunity to do so.

-Published 2003

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