Our Values

Celebrating and Enriching Outstanding Teachers. Empowering Students.

We know that the impact of inspirational teachers can forever change the lives of students and their families. What do we see as our core values?


Quality Education for All Students

Location, economic status, identity, or family background should not be barriers to accessing equitable educational resources. We bring statewide awareness to teachers making a difference in historically underserved areas as inspiring evidence of what works in California. 

Recognition of the Social and Emotional Needs of Students

The most successful teachers engage with and impact their students through a well-rounded skill set beyond content knowledge and pedagogies. These teachers have a deep understanding of the social-emotional development process. 

Possibilities and Potential Impact of Post-Secondary Success

Historically, some student populations have not seen college as an option. We celebrate teachers who purposefully support the possibility of college matriculation and success. We know that the impact of inspirational teachers can forever change the lives of students and their families.

Community Support for Teachers

When teachers are supported and connected, education becomes more effective and impactful. Our programs enable teachers to share knowledge, expand their reach, and mentor emerging teachers. This professional community has proven vital to the ongoing inspiration, engagement, and retention of outstanding teachers.

Teaching as an Honorable and Vital Career

Teachers and education are foundational to the future of our society. Providing professional development, mentorship opportunities, and other resources validates teaching as a career choice and helps to keep the best teachers in California’s classrooms. We celebrate the value and impact of extraordinary teachers.

Innovation. Inspiration. Impact.

Many teachers use their innovative spirit to go above and beyond in the most challenging school environments, becoming an example of what is possible. They inspire not only their students, but also their colleagues and communities. The impact on the education community and student outcomes is exponential!

Carlston Family Foundation is now Above & Beyond Teaching