Impact on Schools

In addition to the awards presented to individual teachers, Above & Beyond also presents a cash award to the school of each award winner, to be spent at their discretion, to serve their students best.  Over the years, our organization has had an impact on dozens of California public high schools, primarily those serving in the most challenging educational environments.  Here are just a few examples of the impact of these funds in the last year, as described by our Honorees:

Kirsten Farrell - Venice High School, Los Angeles Unified School District

As the Venice High School Sports Medicine educates future health care workers, one area we have always wanted to explore is outdoor or wilderness medicine. As students learn to respond to emergencies, we have the luxury of many services in Los Angeles. But what happens when you cannot call 911? Or the rescue maybe 20, 30, 60 minutes away?

Our Venice Sports Medicine Team will be taking part in a two-day outdoor adventure workshop that will include team bonding, responding to wilderness-related injuries, and emergency planning. The Above & Beyond Award, in partnership with the Gondolier Booster Club, will fund this activity. The current plan is for this to occur in August before school resumes. We look forward to seeing the students rise to the challenge and experience something atypical in Los Angeles. We will share pictures once this event has transpired. Thank you for everything Above & Beyond does to help promote and celebrate teachers.

Julieanne Reall - Anaheim High School, Anaheim Union School District

The fund is going to be used for students who cannot afford to pay for AP testing and college applications. We have students who do not qualify for free and reduced lunch, and parents do not make enough. This can be a stress factor for these students, not knowing where they are going to come up with the money. I am hoping to ease the stress factor and help these students to further their academic achievements. 

Erica Boomer - Upper Lake High School, Upper Lake School District

I really liked the idea of trying to get matching funds and creating a scholarship for Career Tech Ed. 

David Allen - Santiago High School, Garden Grove School District

I am grateful the award from Above & Beyond will be joined together with previous honoree Sheri Zoratti’s college scholarship fund. The scholarship was established to help students who have a financial gap and need further assistance to attend a four-year university.  We have dozens of incredible students who dream of not only attending a four-year university, but of living on campus and enjoying a fully immersive college experience. Often parents are unable or unwilling to assist students with the financial support needed for this dream to become a reality.  This scholarship aims to help bridge that gap annually for two students. 

Erin Graham - Palm Springs High School, Palm Springs School District

At Palm Springs High School, we noticed students really struggling to feel connected to campus after our year of distance learning. So, we set up a $100 raffle each month for students who embody the best of PSHS. They are nominated by teachers or fellow students, & all students nominated in a month have their name entered for the drawing. Students can be nominated for showing kindness, participating in school spirit activities, encouraging classmates, etc….anything that represents what PSHS is all about! At $100 a month, the $5000 will last 5 years, & we’re directly influencing our school culture & climate.

Carlston Family Foundation is now Above & Beyond Teaching