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Nominate an Outstanding Public High School Teacher

How does it work?

We ask former public high school students to nominate outstanding teachers who changed their lives, and who made an impact on their futures.  We talk to each student about their former teacher, then talk to the principal, teacher colleagues, school counselors, and multiple additional former students. After this careful process, we then contact the teacher and arrange to meet at their school and observe their classroom teaching.  We narrow it down to ten of the best candidates for consideration by our Board of Directors, with a focus on those who teach in the most challenging public school communities.  Five are selected to join our family of Honorees and receive $10,000 each.. 

The awards are presented at a banquet in November, inviting the winners, their families, and our entire cadre of past Honorees to attend.  We also invite the former student who made the nomination.  The identity of this student is kept secret from each nominee, who only finds out at the banquet, when the student makes the speech presenting the award, telling how the teacher changed their life.  It is one of the most inspirational and moving events in education.

If you have had a life-changing experience with a California high school teacher, we would like to hear your story. Above & Beyond is looking for individuals who attribute a positive direction in their lives to an extraordinary high school teacher.

We would like to hear how this teacher changed your pathway.

Carlston Family Foundation is now Above & Beyond Teaching