Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Susan Abbott

Susan Abbott

English Teacher, Sheldon High School, Elk Grove Unified School District, Sacramento, California

Susan Abbott teaches English at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, CA.  Sheldon High School is frequently described as the “United Nations” of schools in the Sacramento area. There are over 34 languages spoken by students. The former student who nominated Ms. Abbott said, “Until I met Ms. Abbott, I was frequently treated with a lack of respect and, even though I was smart and a good student, I was rarely dealt with in the same manner as other top students. Ms. Abbott, on the other hand, saw my potential. It was her belief in me that made me believe in myself. She refused to accept any work from me that was not up to my potential, which has given me the habits I have needed to succeed in college and in life. Her support, encouragement and expectations of me helped me get where I am today. Quite literally, she changed my life completely. I owe her my every success because she instilled in me that I could do anything I wished and that I was truly capable of reaching my goals if I only put my mind to it.”

-Published 2008

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