Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Paul Kick

Paul Kick

English Teacher, Oak Grove High School, San Jose, California

Paul Kick earned his Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Santa Clara University.

Paul Kick earned his Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Santa Clara University, close to where he grew up in East San Jose and attended Oak Grove High School where he currently teaches. Paul lived a difficult life, had to work almost full time through throughout his high school career and, after his mother’s untimely passing, was left to raise his younger brother.

Paul began his student teaching at Oak Grove High School and was hired full time in 1983 as an English teacher and head frosh-soph football coach and then assistant varsity football coach for six years. Paul later took over as varsity swim coach for boys and girls from 1987-2000 and as well as the girls varsity basketball team for two years. He now teaches Freshman Honors English and Senior General English and is co-chair of the English Department. Paul has been the advisor for the National Honors Society since 1995 and California Scholarship Federation since 1989

One of the students who nominated Paul summarized his experience with Paul by saying, “Mr. Kick was the first teacher I ever had who expected more of me than I expected of myself. He was the first teacher to ever ask me, ‘is this REALLY the best you can do?’ Mediocrity and just ‘getting by’ were off the table in his class. He taught me the value of hard work and the positive outcomes that are the result.”

Another said, “Mr. Kick is my hero. He saw my future when I didn’t believe I had one. He knew what I would need to succeed and he saw that I got it. He demanded and expected only our best efforts at all times. And, this became the very foundation for everything I have done since then.”

-Published 2011

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