Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Lindsey Bird​

Lindsey Bird​

EDL/Social Science Teacher Director of the Language Institute Grace Davis High School Modesto City Schools Modesto, California

Lindsey grew up in Modesto, California where she attended Modesto City Schools. Following high school graduation, Lindsey attended California State University, Chico, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science. Upon graduation from Chico, Linsey began work in the banking industry. After a few years in business, she determined her calling was to work with people in need. She decided being a teacher would help her meet that goal, and she returned to school to earn her Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science with Certification in Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development from Brandman University, which is part of the Chapman University System. Lindsey is currently completing her Masters Degree at the University of San Diego.

Lindsey began her teaching career at Grace Davis High School, where she is now the Coordinator of Modesto City Schools Language Institute. Lindsey is one of the founding members of this ground breaking program, which is designed to help newly arrived immigrants from around the globe, including school age refugees fleeing the war-torn areas from the Middle East to those fleeing the drug cartels in Mexico. The Language Institute educates between 130-150 students from over 26 countries and speaking fourteen different languages.

Most recently, El Concillio, a Stanislaus County not for profit organization, whose mission is to help underserved members of the community to improve the qualities of their lives and the lives of their children, selected Lindsey as the 2015 Amiga of the Year for the commitment and passion she exemplifies through her extensive work with new immigrants and refugee students and families.

-Published 2015

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