Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Jonathon Winn

Jonathon Winn

Calculus Teacher, Crawford Educational Complex, School of Community Health and Medical Practices, San Diego, California

Jonathon earned his BA in Mathematics from Keene State College in Connecticut, before moving to the west coast and finally settling in San Diego. He began his career as middle school math teacher. After taking a year off from teaching to travel, Jonathon returned to San Diego County where he spent a year as a substitute teacher, taking assignments throughout San Diego County in search of a school with an exceptional Math and Science program. When he landed a long term substitute position at Crawford Educational Complex he found what he had been searching for.

Jonathon’s success as a substitute teacher was noted and the position turned into a full time teaching position. Crawford had a great mathematics program but lacked large numbers of students interested in Calculus. When Jonathon began teaching at Crawford there was only one section of pre-calculus and an AP Calculus class of 18 students. Today, four years later, there are three sections of pre-calculus and over 100 AP Calculus students enrolled. At Crawford High School, 5% of the students take Calculus as compared to a nation-wide statistic of 1% of all students who are enrolled in Calculus classes. What makes this even more remarkable, Jonathon teaches 100 students at once in an auditorium at 7:15 in the morning.

One student said, “Mr. Winn was my most exceptional teacher. He never discriminated against any student, yet, there were so many of us who were ill prepared and did not have even basic math skills. However, everyone was welcome to take his class. He would take extra time to re-teach trip or physics or geometry if we did not have the foundation. He helped us do things we never thought were possible. He was determined we would learn Calculus. He pushed us because he believed in us. Because of his inspiration I took and passed the AP Calculus exam and also took and passed the AP History and Psychology Exams. He made me believe in myself.”

-Published 2011

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