Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Eric Wilcox​

Eric Wilcox​

English Teacher
Balboa High School
San Francisco, California​

Eric Wilcox earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology with a focus on Criminal Theory and a minor in English from University of California, Santa Cruz. He earned his Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University. Eric is a Certified Advanced Placement Teacher and also served as the team coach for the Bay Area Urban Debate Team.

Eric has been teaching Advanced Placement Language and Composition, College Prep English and Speech and Debate at Balboa High School in San Francisco, California for 15 years. He teaches in the Balboa High School Law Academy, has been active in the Bay Area Writing Project and was selected as Teacher of the Year for San Francisco Unified School District 11.

Eric was also honored as “Soldier 4 Life” by United Playaz (UP) for his 14 years of work with the group. United Playaz was created in response to a series of incidents at Balboa High School marking one of the most volatile periods in school history. Together the Balboa High School Students and adults created United Playaz, which was designed to end race wars, encourage peace, and develop the necessary activities and resources for youth.

-Published 2014

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