Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Shannon Morago

Shannon Morago

Science and Math Teacher
Six Rivers Charter High School
Arcata, California

Shannon earned her BS in Molecular Biology and her BS in Zoology at Humboldt State University and is currently an EdD candidate, completing her coursework at HSU, where she is also an adjunct professor.

Shannon was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon. Following her high school graduation she entered the world of work, working mostly with Veterinarians who treated large animals. At the suggestion of her Veterinarian Boss, she enrolled in a community college to take courses in Administrative Justice. Upon completion, she became a Park Ranger, before entering HSU, earning two bachelor degrees.

Shannon began teaching on the Hoopa Indian Reservation before moving to Arcata High School, in Arcata, California, where she taught Biology and math for 7 years. While at Arcata High, Shannon was selected to help open Six Rivers Charter High School, where she has been teaching Chemistry and Biology for seven years.

One of the students who nominated Shannon clearly stated what others mentioned:

“Ms. Morago was exceptional. She had so much energy and absolutely loved what she was teaching us. She was an inspiration because I never liked math or science until she was my teacher. She made me love chemistry and is the reason I chose Chemistry as my major at the University.”

-Published 2011

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