Natalie Ryan

When Natalie was in high school in Bakersfield, California, she was asked by the Agriculture teacher to join FFA and become involved in the Agriculture Program. At first, she declined. However, the teacher was persistent and ultimately was able to persuade her to become involved. Natalie ended up attending Fresno State to major in Agriculture […]

Kathleen Hicks-Rowley

Kate attended UCLA for her teaching credential and Masters Degree in Education, and later attended UC Irvine for a second Masters in English Literature. As an undergrad, she worked in a Title I elementary school with mostly Spanish speaking students. At that time, she realized she was not really cut out to be an elementary […]

Jeanette McMahon

Jeanette grew up in the central valley of California in the small town of Arvin. Her father and mother worked multiple jobs to make ends meet.  While they were a financially poor family, they were rich with the love of music,  which filled their home with joy. They all sang and played instruments and music […]

Randy Guzik

Randy grew up in Rialto, California and attended Westmont College, a small Christian, Liberal Arts College located in Santa Barbara, California where he majored in Religious Studies. During his senior year in college, Randy took an Urban Studies class and was assigned to tutor “at risk kids” in math at Post Street Academy in San […]

Robert Brewer

Robert began his elementary education in a small town in Iowa where there were no black people. He was a poor kid in a rather wealthy area and, while the color of his skin was not an issue, the fact he was from the “wrong side of the tracks” separated him from his classmates. Late […]

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