Krista Rogerson

Ms. Rogerson has been teaching for nine years. She started at Tennyson High School in 1996 and was one of the first teachers in the Puente program. Puente is a program for under-represented youth in public high schools. It begins in 9th grade and works with students and teachers to help students see the value […]

Patricia Ann Richardson

Patricia Richardson has been teaching at Morningside High School for 32 years. She was inspired to become a teacher by one of her college professors, who made learning easy and was a talented motivator. Using that professor as her model, Ms. Richardson studied to become a teacher. In all of her years teaching, including student […]

Pam Halstead

Pam Halstead is a Biology teacher. She has been teaching at Fortuna Union High School since 1982. She received her education from Humboldt State and UC Davis. Ms. Halstead teaches Chemistry, Anatomy and Biology and now AP Environmental Science. Many of her students from her 9th grade Biology class become members of the Fortuna Creeks […]

Evan Hackett

Evan Hackett has been teaching for approximately fifteen years. He came to Granite Hills at the opening of the school in 1999. Before coming to Granite Hills, he taught at Monache High School, in a more affluent neighborhood across town. Mr. Hackett currently teaches mainstream, honors and AP courses, including Journalism (grades 9-12), English I […]

Kent Benson

Kent Benson has been the Agriculture teacher at Winters High School for 18 years. For most of that time he has been chairman of the Agricultural Education (“Ag”) department. Mr. Benson’s dedication to his students’ success, his nearly 20 years of service, his ability to motivate students to achieve in all aspects of their education, […]

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