Roberto Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez attended UCLA with a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.   He began his teaching career in 1973.  He teaches mathematics and physics, and is the MESA and the Mayo Club Advisor.  Like many of his students, Roberto came to the U.S. from Mexico.  He attributes his view of America as […]

Carolyn Warlick

Mrs. Warlick has been teaching for 31 years, and at Hogan High School for 10 years. Her primary courses are in advanced biology.  She graduated from Lincoln University in Missouri, with postgraduate work at Stanford University, the University of California (Berkeley, Irvine, and Los Angeles), Illinois Institute of Technology, Ball State University, and the University […]

Nick Soffioto

Mr. Soffiotto has been teaching high school for 29 years, specializing in engineering, mathematics, and industrial education.  He received his BA in Industrial Arts from California State University,San Jose and an MA in Vocational Education from the Consortium of The California State University and Colleges in 1979.  He says, “teaching is an exercise In humanism. […]

Grace Patino

Ms. Patino was born in Bakersfield, California to immigrant parents from Mexico who each had only an elementary education. Grace did not learn English until she began kindergarten, but because education was important in her family, Grace became the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. She attended the University of California, […]

Jose Franco

Mr. Franco has a BA in Spanish, an MA in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, and will soon complete his MA in Education Administration. He began teaching in 1993. He is also the Title I Coordinator for Franklin High School in Los Angeles, where he has taught since 1995. He said that he […]

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